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"This course focuses on how to create value and growth through innovation in new and existing markets. Students will learn the skills of innovation and how to apply those skills within the context of a marketing strategy framework."


This wiki will collect the output from students in this course in four areas:


1.  Final Exams:  Students will be required to apply each of the five templates of Systematic Inventive Thinking to assigned product to create new-to-the-world inventions.  Look in the Final Exam folder to find the products and their inventions.


2. Dream Catalog:  Working in groups, students will create a hypothetical, innovative, futuristic "dream" catalog for a specific category.  The catalog will convey a full product offering for that category based on new-to-the-world inventions derived from the five templates of innovation.  Visit the Dream Catalog folder to see these.


3.  Innovation Suppliers:  The innovation industry is made up of many different types of consultants, development firms, training firms, academics, researchers, and practitioners.  Students will be assigned one of these entities and tasked with profiling them.  To learn about a specific innovation "player," check out the Innovation Supplier folder.


4.  Definition of Innovation:  How do you define innovation?  It depends who you ask.  Students are required to find a unique definition of innovation and post it on the "Definitions of Innovation" page.


5.  Examples of Innovation Patterns:  Students will develop their pattern recognition skills by finding examples of each of the five innovation templates and posting them in their appropriate folder.



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